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This is a small porject i´m making, it´s not good, and it´s not pretty. But is my baby and I love it, so I decided to share it with the world so everyone can see my horrible speling!

For real, this is an amateur project and I hope I can make more chapters and more of this, I also hope I can improve my skills every time I release a new one (and my speling also).

The plot is simple, you´re a soldier of the city of Stormwind, go live his life.

Install instructions

When the download is complete, all you gotta do is open the rar file and extract the game, the fille you gotta run is the one that says Soldier_of_stormwind. Good luck!


Soldier of Storwind chap 1.rar 28 MB
Soldier of stormwind chap 2.rar 30 MB
Soldier of stormwind chap 3.rar 31 MB

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